Pre-sales Service:

Based on our customers’ request and budget, our experts make efficient, reliable solutions. Following customers’ order we produce strictly, what’s more, before placing the order every customer has the chance to visit zenith working machines or complete plant in the site.

Pre-sales Service:

To ease the trip for every visitor to China, in particular the first-time visitor, we provide FOR FREE all relevant visitor-friendly services including invitation letter preparation, hotel reservation, airport pick-up, incity transportation, and sightseeing guide, etc.

After-sales Service:

Experienced technicians guidance is available on the phone, and on the internet. One or more engineers will be dispatched to the quarry site to help install the customers’ plants. Necessary training about machine daily maintenance to local workers is provided also.

After-sales Service:

After-Sales department is made of well-trained employees and installation engineers, the installation engineers are special and professional members of Zenith, they are now strategically located home and abroad, working for our customers.

Stock Industry Factory

The head office of Stock Industry is in Shanghai- the international financial centre company:

Stock Industry has three factories, the gross area is about 2.3 million square meters. Various world-class CNC are in these factories, such as CNC VTL OPERATOR, Planing Machine, CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe. These advanced equipments ensure that our products are of precise specification. Also, we have professional Quality inspection division, every machines produced must be examined strictly, the quality is guaranteed.


Stock has all machines that meet different powder production such as grinding mills and other related equipment.


Besides products, Stock offers customized services, tailored production schemes, installation and training services.


Here are many sites of our customers. Some may be similar to your demands. More details, PLS contact us.


Many materials are introduced from their properties, applications and powder prices for your reference.

How limestone crusher work in power plant desulfurization

At present, the world's use of flue gas desulfurization processes amount to more than 200 kinds. After decades of continuous exploration and practice in the thermal power plant on the application of the desulfurization process, only 10 kinds are preserved. The most important kind is the Limestone - Gypsum Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Process. Limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization process is currently the most widely used desulfurization technology, and its principle is to crush blocks of limestone into powder by using desulfurization crusher, and then limestone powder is made into slurry as the desulfurization absorber to mix with gas which enters the absorption tower. Sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and calcium carbonate in the slurry and the incoming air reacts to form gypsum. The sulfur dioxide in flue gas is expelled out, avoiding environmental pollution caused by the large number of emission.